TJ Demoss,  auctioneer

7039 165th Street, Albia, Iowa


 For Sellers:

  We specialize in Real Estate/Land, Estates, Collections, Collectibles & Antique Auctions. We also have   experience selling Firearms, Business Liquidation, and Surplus items at Public Auction. The best part is   that we have a network of state and nationally recognized auction companies and auctioneers to work   with should you require it.

  Conducting an auction involves so much more than just providing a price quote over the phone. No   matter what we are selling, it’s important to know what is required of  all parties for a potential auction   before a price can be set. Set-up, cleaning, moving items offsite & advertising are just a few things to   consider as they are most often additional charges to most auctions.

  What you are selling is important to determine what audience we need to target to optimize results of   the auction. Advertising is extremely important in reaching out to potential buyers. For example:  When   selling Firearms, promoting your auction in Specialty Firearm publications & websites is extremely   important in advertising your items.

  We conduct auctions with professionalism, humor and as much energy as possible. Making the auction   an enjoyable and valuable experience is a win/win for all.

  We provide various Auction methods allowing us to tailor our services to your needs, therefore   maximizing profit and satisfaction. Let us help you determine the best method for you!

  Whether you’re selling prized property or looking to buy one-of-a-kind treasures, an auction is just the   place to make things happen!

  While some might view it as complicated and time consuming, a fast-paced auction is one of the most   efficient ways of converting your property or assets into immediate cash. In fact, over a quarter-trillion   dollars in goods and services are sold at auction every year in the U.S.  With the combination of pre-sale   marketing and the auctioneer’s chant or an attention-grabbing online bidding platform, you could have    enthusiastic, attentive buyers aggressively competing to purchase your property.

  There’s an excitement about an auction that makes it a special event that draws people again and again.   People participate in auctions out of curiosity about what  unique or interesting items are for sale.   There’s even more curiosity among bidders when it comes to the prices obtained at auction.  Auctions   are also a great educational opportunity to learn about real estate, art, autos, furniture and every type of   property sold by talking to other attendees, sellers and auction professionals. You learn about values,   construction of items, collection practices and much more when you participate in an auction.

 An auctioneer’s role goes far beyond the speed of the chant.  Auction Professionals are entrepreneurs who excel in marketing and advertising. The primary role of an auction professional is to develop a marketing campaign to promote the sale of their client’s assets and attract bidders to their auction.